How to Improve Sound Quality in Android phone

Apps That Improve Android’s Sound Quality.

Smartphones are tricky things. They essentially cram an entire computer into a tiny chassis you can carry around in your pocket, which is pretty convenient. But for music fans, sound quality can suffer as manufacturers cut corners with the audio electronics in the interest of saving space and money.

While many Android devices come with incredible audio quality, some phones have terrible audio quality. If you’re looking to improve the audio quality and loudness through your phone’s speaker and headphones, then you can try out the Equalizer app from the Google Play Store. It’s free, but has in-app purchases.

Better-Sounding Music Players

  1. Poweramp by Max MP ($5)
    This shiny music player app is packed with features, and highly customizable. It scans your phone for music quickly, and lets you view it by folder or as a complete library. Albums are tiled to give you a nice view of the album art, and the app downloads any that’s missing automatically (nice). Meanwhile, some cool album art animation (similar to Apple’s Cover Flow) happens when you swipe through your songs; the background even changes dynamically to reflect the colors in the art.
  2. Winamp by Nullsoft ($5)
    Longtime Window users might remember Winamp as one of the first (and best) media players for that operating system for over a decade; now it’s available for Android too. The Winamp app includes many features that made the desktop version so popular, while adding some new tricks to the mix. A free version is available, but all of the enriched audio features that interest us here require the $5 pro version.
  3. PlayerPro by BlastOn ($5)
    If you like to configure stuff, PlayerPro warrants serious consideration as your music player for Android. A friendly-looking interface displays albums, artists and even genres with big thumbnail images. You can manually pick what you want to use for the thumbnails from your own image gallery, and the app can automatically grab missing album art from the internet. PlayerPro even adds reviews on artists and albums, as well as lyrics.
  4. Equalizer by Smart Android Apps ($2 for full version)
    This fully-featured graphic equalizer is entirely dedicated to tweaking sound, and it has dozens of features to help you do so. With a slick, clean interface, this app works in conjunction with almost every major music player on the Android platform.
  5. Music Volume EQ by K&K Design (free)
    This equalizer has a really simple interface, and it doesn’t eat up too much memory or space. It is installed as a widget rather than an app, so you can access it on your home screen without having to launch anything. Music Volume EQ packs a 5-band equalizer, virtualizer, and bass booster. Another nice touch: the VU meter that displays current volume levels, just like grandpa’s hi-fi system, and a big slider control for adjusting volume.

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