Indian fleet review 2016

International Fleet Review 2016 is an International Military Exercise hosted and conducted by Indian Navy on behalf of the President of India.

Many leading nations of the world use the opportunity provided by the Fleet Review to enhance mutual trust and confidence with their maritime neighbors and partners by inviting their ships to participate in the review. Normally called ‘International Fleet Review’ (IFR), this event then allows the host nation an occasion to display its maritime capabilities and the ‘bridges of friendship’ and trust it has built with other maritime nations. The last IFR was conducted in January 2001, off Mumbai with participation from 29 countries. This earned the country widespread appreciation and goodwill.

Indian Navy is to display its maritime capabilities.

Duration 5 Days
Date February 4–8, 2016
Venue Eastern Naval Command
Location Vishakapatnam,  India
Coordinates 17.695811°N 83.280709°ECoordinates: 17.695811°N 83.280709°E
Also known as IFR 2016
Type Military Exercise
Theme United Through Oceans
Patron(s) Government of India
Organised by Indian Navy
Participants Navies of 52 countries (approx)[1][2]
Trailer IFR 2016 Theme Song on Youtube
Press Ad GWAW15001898_IFR Press Ad PDF
Publication Ahoy IFR 2016 PDF
Website IFR 2016 Indian Navy Officia











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